5 Ways to Make a Home More Cozy

For those of you who don’t know me, I absolutely love decorating my home.  We live in an older ranch style home.  It has come a long way since we moved in and we have many more projects to go, but it is perfect for Matt & I!!  As for my decorating, I am a sucker for a good bargain or vintage piece, but I also love new modern pieces.  I think my style is all about a perfect balance of old and new.  I frequently get compliments on our home, how cozy and “lived in” it looks so I wanted to share!!  Here are the 5 ways (I have found) to make any room more cozy!!!



It doesn’t matter what the pictures are, just have lots!!! Pictures help tell your story and just make your home more inviting. I love having old pictures of my favorite memories displayed in our home.  I have at least one photo displayed from every single trip Matt & I have ever taken together.  It is so fun to see them and have all those memories come flooding back.  I also have fun pictures of both our families from when we were younger! And, you can’t forget friends.  Sometimes friends are as close as family (as ours are) and I make sure to display fun adventures with them.  One of my favorites is this picture of my girlfriends and I on the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris from high school.

Candle | Picture Frame | Blue & White-Vintage

I also love art.  Whether it is a painting, a print, a quote, or a photograph.  They can be so beautiful!! One way I incorporate art into my home is through a gallery wall.  Right now, I have two gallery walls in two different rooms and I’m working on my third.  So, you could say I LOVE them.  It is a great way to change the focal point of a room, express yourself, and they’re not costly at all.  For this gallery wall below, I mixed different art elements with photographs of us.

Picture frames: White | Silver | Black | Rustic | Oval | R | Arrow | Our Nest | Cactus


Second, add a rug…

Our family room changed dramatically once I added a rug.  I didn’t think we necessarily needed a rug when it was on sale that afternoon at target, but I liked it.  Now, I couldn’t imagine the room without it!  The rug completes the room as you can see below.

Rug | Couch | Chair | Ottoman | Pillows- Similar here, here, & here | Garden Stool


Third, Incorporate Plants and Flowers Into Your Décor…

I have plants and blooms all over my home.  Mine are mostly real plants but there is no shame in having fake plants, especially if you live in a big city with minimal sunlight.  I love bringing nature and the outdoors inside.  You can put live plants in any room that has natural light.  Succulents are my personal favorite and they are pretty hard to kill, as long as there is a little sunlight.  I also have a palm tree in our front window.  Our house faces the west so the palm gets all the hot afternoon sun, which it loves.

Jade Plant | Tropical Plant | Basket | Books 1 & 2

Palm Tree | Basket- Similar | Chair- Similar | Pillow| Garden Stool- Similar | Side Table | Books 1 & 2


Fourth, COLOR…

Don’t be scared of color.  I love bright colors and always have.  I remember being a little girl and bugging my parents to paint my room hot pink.  They finally gave in and I LOVED it.  Now, I am lucky that Matt doesn’t mind my colorful décor, although, I don’t have a hot pink room (yet).  However, you can make a room bright and colorful without picking up a paint brush.  Here is my colorful room, with beige walls.  The only thing I am missing is a rug, I am currently on a hunt for one and I will share it with all of you once I find the perfect one:)

Pillows here, here, and similar | Throw | Couch- Similar | Floral Chair | Rattan Chair- Similar | Side Tables Similar here & here | Lamps- Similar | Coffee Table- Similar | Books here, here, and here


Fifth & Last Add Shelves or a Bookcase…

When we first moved into our home, I wanted built in bookshelves in our family room on either side of the sliding glass doors.  But, after finding these bookshelves for nearly nothing at an estate sale, I decided to hold off for a little while.  These started out dark stained wood and I chalk painted them off white.  I love them!! The main thing with bookshelves is they don’t need to be fancy they just need to hold and display all the fun elements I discussed above.  You can’t have pretty things with no where to show them off!!

Bookshelf- Similar | Lamp & Shade | Picture frames here & here | Books here & here

Excuse Matt’s Fantasy Football Trophy above, of course, it has to be out for everyone to see:)

Bookshelf- Similar | Trust Sign | Vase- Similar | Blooms | Blue & White- Similar | Picture Frames White, Gold, & Silver | Books are our High School Yearbooks

I hope this helps all of you looking for home decorating tips!!  Any of these things will help give your home personality.  For any other tips or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!!

xo Sarah



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