Sharing My Cute Little Dining Room

I am a huge believer in breaking bread with others.  I love dining and entertaining!! But, since Matt and I have a large-ish eat in kitchen, getting a dinning room table and chairs wasn’t high on our priority list when we first moved in.  I think that is why it has grown to be so special to me.  I was able to take my time decorating and furnishing and I hand picked everything I wanted.  It was still a work in progress until last week, so I am so excited to share it with you!!

Keep in mind, I change out my décor with the holidays and seasons and this is my spring look right now! (All furniture and décor linked for you to shop at the bottom of post!)



My gold bar cart is vintage, my mother-in-law found it for me at an antique store in St. Louis.  The bar cart décor is all a mixture of vintage and new, but I will link exact or similar options for you to shop the look!! The gorgeous gold mirror on the wall was a great estate sale find.  The ivory chest I actually bought for next to the front door, but ended up looking great in the dinning room. It is a very versatile piece.

My table, oh my, where do I begin.  I am so lucky to have stumbled upon this unbelievable piece of furniture!  A couple girlfriends and I went to Third Sunday Market last fall.  I had never been, but had heard nothing but good things about it.  Third Sunday Market is in Bloomington, Illinois, so about an hour away from where we live.  We hopped in my friend’s hubby’s truck and off we went.  I had my eye out for a table and almost purchased a different one prior to finding this one (so glad I didn’t). Here is what the table looked like at the market- like a diamond in the ruff.

I made the decision not to get the chairs because they just didn’t match the vision in my head of what I wanted the room to look like.  I bargained my way down to getting this table for only $300!!!

We had sooo much fun at Third Sunday Market, if you live in Illinois it is definitely worth the drive to go.  It is every 3rd Sunday from May to October.  This is us before we left the market for the day. A few very gracious strangers lifted the table into the truck for us (it is solid and so heavy).

Once we got it home and into the room, I then decided what chairs I wanted.  I found the bench at Home Goods right away and then I found the adorable X back chairs online.  I just recently found the upholstered end chairs at Home Goods while taking my usual weekly walk through and so glad I did!  They are so comfortable!!

Once we got the end chairs home, I made the executive decision to get rid of the awful ceiling fan above the table.  It didn’t take me long to find this chandelier and I am in love with it.

The chandelier doesn’t produce really bright light, but we have so much natural light in the room that we can get away with it.  This is what it looks like at night.  To me, it is cozy and romantic.  We have 15 watt bulbs.  We originally bought 25 watts but it was just too bright, so I definitely suggest purchasing 15 watts.

Here are some of the little details up close.


Table: Very similar but pricey here & here and more modern and affordable here & here

Chairs: X-Back exact here in the natural color, similar and more colors, and more traditional here

Upholstered chair

Bench: Similar here I love a bench option at a table but they are also great at the end of a bed or under a window for extra seating.

Ivory Thumbnail Chest: Similar look and similar style

Gold Bar Cart: Similar round here and oval here


Exact Chandelier & similar but round – light bulbs here

Gold Mirror: Similar here & here

Table Runner also comes in lime green I think I might need it too!

Candle Holders & Candles Sticks

Ginger Jars: Vintage but similar here and here

Pink Glasses are from Target around Valentine’s Day: I found an adorable print here and beautiful here & here

Champagne Flutes: Similar

Green Ice Bucket: Vintage but similar & available in 10 colors! Love this acrylic bucket too!

Cute Coasters: here & here

Spring Straws: here & here

Crystal Dish

Napkins & Candy Dish

Champagne Tea Towel

Picture Frame & Candle

White Pitcher

I hope you enjoyed my dining room! I will also be sharing more of my dinning room décor and table settings in May when I host a Mother’s Day Bruch!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

xo Sarah

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