Monat Hair Products & 2 Week Update

Monat Hair Products

To give you a little background, Monat is a brand of hair products that prides themselves on products that are all natural, safe, and healthy.  They are vegan, gluten free, and toxin free!! AND they smell AMAMZING!!  Not only are they great for you and your health, but they have shown, over and over again, just how great your hair can be with the products.  For some men, Monat has cured the bald spot/receding hair lines and some women have the thick, long hair they have always been dreaming of!!

When Julia approached me about working together, I got soo excited.  I have always had thick, and most of the time, pretty hair.  But, I knew Monat would help take it to the next level.  My ends are damaged and dry from heat sources and always being up in a bun at work.  My roots are broken and my hair is typically very frizzy (esp in the summer).  I am so excited to share with you, after ONLY 2 WEEKS how using the Monat Balance line changed my hair.  I am hooked for good.

Here are Some of My Favorite Products

Renew Shampoo

 This shampoo is AMAZING.  It helps nourish and hydrate those lucious locks and does a great job.  It also smells sooo good!!  The trick with Monat shampoo is washing your hair twice; the first wash you scrub your roots and scalp, the shampoo starts to lift off any dirt or build up.  The second wash comes in a does an even deeper cleanse to the hair and scalp allowing the natural elements of the shampoo to penetrate the hair and scalp.

Replenish Masque

This conditioner is a little awkward to manage in the shower, not going to lie.  BUT, the results are awesome.  This leaves your hair so silky, soft, and smooth.  You only need a little bit because it is very concentrated.  AND, you don’t want to get it near your scalp because it will cause your hair to get greasy so only apply mid length to your ends.

Rejuveniqe Oil

This oil helped on the ends of my hair sooo much!! The awesome thing about this product is you can use it on skin or hair.  It has been proven to help with eczema, dry skin, and dandruff.  I have a nervous habit of picking my scalp at the back of my head where my hair meets my neck (gross I know!!!!!).  This oil has helped heal those dry, scabbed parts of my scalp! You can do a oil treatment with it, and apply the oil to your hair and scalp all over about 30 minutes before washing your hair, or you can just apply the oil to the very ends of your hair after styling it.

Refinish Control Hairspray

Obsessed with this hairspray!!!! It is so light and smells great.  It did not leave my hair frizzy or crunchy with is so important to me.  I want hairspray to hold my hair tight but still look natural, and this hairspray did just that!!!

Dry Shampoo

What did I ever do before dry shampoo??? This is by far the BEST dry shampoo!!!! It literally looked like I just washed my hair after using it.  AND, it did not leave any white powdery residue on my hair after.  I just sprayed it on my roots and let it absorb a few minutes, then style it!

Eye Wonder

OMG this is probably my favorite product and that is hard to say because I seriously love them all.  This eye lash and eye brow serum is AMAZING.  I could tell my eye lashes and eye brows were getting thicker within days.  AND after these 2 weeks, my friends started commenting on how great my eye lashes looked:)  It really works people!!!

My hair Before & After



You can tell how smooth, soft, and less frizzy my hair looks after the two weeks.  During these summer months my hair gets CRAZY frizzy and huge, these products are going to keep it tamed.  I am SO excited!!!!

For more information or to purchase these products and other products Monat offers please head to Julia’s Monat website OR contact her on instatgram at @monatwithjulia

xo Sarah

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