Summer Bar Cart Styles

If you know me, you know I love my bar carts.  I change them with every changing season, but summer is my favorite!!! Bar carts are a great way to entertain and serve drinks outside your kitchen.  A lot of people use their bar carts just for looks, which it totally fine because they are super cute.  But, we actually use ours anytime we have friends or family over!! You can style them how ever you want, do whatever works best for you!! If you don’t drink alcohol use them to set out some appetizers or desserts at a party!

 I have two very different bar carts in two different rooms in my home.  Here, I’ll share the basics with you, and give you a little inspo to style your own summer bar cart!!:)


This bar cart is in my dining room.  I keep it a little more traditional or girly and fun!!  I keep my wine and nicer glassware here.

4 Keys to a Girly Bar Cart

1. Adorable Glassware – Mine are from Lilly for Target but here are some adorable gold, colorful, and crystal options 1 | 2 | 3

2. Fresh Blooms or Greenery – These hydrangeas are from our garden:) The paper flower garland is from target, here are a couple similar garlands that are very inexpensive 1 | 2

3. Towel & Napkins with a cute quote or print  – I found very similar towels here and more amazingly cute towels & napkins here 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  (So Chic Boutique has the BEST plates/napkins/cups for parties or just cuteness around the house, check out their website and you can order online if you’re not in Central Illinois!!!)

4. Your favorite drinks!!!!

Now, this bar cart is in our big family room where we do most of our entertaining.  Whether it is a sports event on the tv or just jamming out with friends, we use this bar cart all the time to make drinks!! I keep it cute but try to make it masculine for the boys haha!!!  I style it in red, white, and blue from Memorial Day to Labor Day!!

Keys to an Entertaining Bar Cart

1. Again Glassware – I’m obsessed with our monogram glasses, they were an engagement gift so they are very special to me.  Here are similar monogram glasses.  The sailboat glasses are my fave and they are vintage, but here are some fun summery glasses 1 | 2 | 3 | 4  Here are the beer glasses and Moscow Mule glasses🙂

2. Straws – You always have to have a festive straw in your cocktail!  I usually have paper straws that we throw away but these star straws are plastic and so fun!! Very similar straws🙂  There are tons of adorable patriotic paper straws 1 | 2 | 3  OR a helpful hint, get red and white striped or polkadot straws and reuse them at Christmas!!

3. Fruit – I like to have fresh fruit to use in drinks and garnish drinks. Lemon, Lime, Oranges, really anything you like.  It also adds a fun colorful flare!!

4. The Drinks!!!! – I keep tonic or club soda, but you can add any type of mixer that you love along with any liquor you like.  I also keep empty bottles sometimes, just for the look(silly I know, but it really looks better)!!  I am obsessed with the Coors Light tray that I have all the liquor sitting on.  It was a vintage find at 3rd Sunday Market and it is Matt’s favorite beer.  PLUS, its red, white, and blue so it totally completes my look.


My gold bar cart is a vintage find and my bamboo bar cart is an old style from Target.  Simliar Gold & Bamboo!!

A lot of the accessories on my bar carts are vintage.  I love finding little things at estate sales, garage sales, antique stores, etc.  Keep your eyes peeled for glasses, ice buckets, trays, and so much more and you’ll have the most adorable bar cart!!!

Happy Summer!! I am loving it already!!!!

xo Sarah



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    1. Thanks so much!! Definitely take your time to find a great one!!! I love changing mine out for the different seasons, so fun!!:)

      xo Sar

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