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As I get older I have become more conscious of what I am putting into my body and on my body.  As a nurse, I am trying to be proactive and really take care of myself!! Nurses and doctors are often the least healthy people because they consistently put everyone else’s needs before theirs.  To begin making better lifestyle choices, I recently switched my hair products to Monat which are all natural and are truly amazing!! (Check out my blog post for more info on Monat)  My sweet friend Alex is also passionate about health and using natural products! She sells Beautycounter to help this movement.   I was so excited when Alex asked me to team up and try any BC products!! I had her pick out her all time favorites and then I picked out a couple more to try.  Read more about Beautycounter’s mission here!!  Beautycounter is a skin care & makeup brand committed to not only all natural products, but products that really work!!  They offer so many amazing products that are worth the investment into your skin and health!!


 Masks & Spa Systems

My oh my, how I adore these masks, they deep clean and leave your skin vibrant and feeling amazing!!! By far my favorite products!!  Even Matt loved the charcoal mask:)  Depending on your skin, one of the three systems will be best for you.  If you contact Alex, she can help you pick the right system for your skin type!! I personally love the No. 3 system!!!  It helps balance oils and smooth out impurities in your skin!! There is a Charcoal Cleansing Bar that you can add to the No. 3 Spa system that is also so amazing!!!


Summer Essentials

These three items are necessary for the summer or when traveling to warm places!! The sunscreen is nontoxic and so amazinggg!! Sun protection is key during the hot summer months!! Of course, you need a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips as well!!  Nothing is worse than burnt lips!!  The Glow Shimmer Oil is also awesome! Alex suggested putting it on arms and legs for a little bit of added color and a fun shimmer! I loved it!! So great for summer nights and hydration after being in the sun all day:)

Makeup Favorites

I am a HUGE fan of this Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer with SPF!! If you read my last blog post, you know I don’t wear makeup to work.  But having a little tint with my morning moisturizer doesn’t hurt!! It is a great base for foundation if you do wear makeup everyday!! Or if you don’t like doing makeup, this will be perfect for you.  It is moisturizer and a light foundation in just one step! The best of both worlds and comes in 5 different shades.  This Color Pinch Cream Blush is really natural looking and I’ve noticed it lasts all day long versus my powder blush that wore off throughout the day.  It comes in 3 different colors.


Facial Cleansers

The Nourishing Cream Exfoliator and Cleanser are both very gentle and effective cleansers.  They compliment each other and Alex suggest alternating between the two for ultimate results.  The Cleanser is great for removing makeup and a gentle wash.  The exfoliator removes impurities and leaves fresh, bright skin.  The Cleansing Balm is one of Beautycounters top sellers!! It’s multipurpose qualities make it an amazing product.  Perfect for the summer and winter months, the balm keeps skin super moisturized while cleaning and removing makeup.  I loved the way this balm made my face feel after using it!! It was so soft and radiant.

Adaptive Moisture Lotion

This lotion is EVERYTHING!!! It just hit the market and sold out in one day, that’s how great it is!!! It is super lightweight, which for me is key to a great day time moisturizer.  It’s main perks are the adaptive qualities that help keep your skin at the perfect level of hydration, all day long!!  The lotion is expected to be back in stock around Mid-August:)


I am so excited to try more Beautycounter products and find more that I love!! For any questions about Beautycounter, don’t hesitate to contact Alex or to purchase any of these great products head over to Alex’s Page!!! Also, follow her on instagram for updates on products and any sales!!!:)

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