Beautiful Bridal Shower and Blue & White Dress

This past weekend, I had the sweetest bridal shower with friends and family on Matt’s side!!  The decor was soo amazing and adorable! You all know how much I love my blooms, palms, and pink!! These ladies took it to another level for me!! So so special!!  Just wanted to share some snapshots of the party with you:)





These balloon garlands were UNREAL!!! Like all the heart eyes!!! So fun!!!! They would be great touch at any type of party, just change the colors!!


I absolutely love this blue and white dress! I bought it a while ago, like right after we got engaged for a shower.  It was just too cute to pass up.  Blue and white can be very bridal and it’s always my favorite, so I wanted to link some other gorgeous blue and white options for you!!:)


Another really amazing thing at the shower were the gifts.  The ladies hosting my shower gave each guest the option to contribute towards a group gift.  If you’re having a bridal or baby shower, really consider doing this!!  We received our All-Clad Cookware Set and Dyson Vacuum, which were two big items on our registry that we are SO SO excited about!! I’ve already used my pots and pans a couple times and Matt has vacuumed at least twice (he LOVES vacuuming)!!!


Love my sweet Mom!!!!

I can’t believe we are about a month away from our wedding day!! AHHH!! Any advice on staying calm the last few weeks, send it my way!!!!:) Have a great Tuesday everyone!!! Thanks for stopping by.

xo Sarah

6 thoughts on “Beautiful Bridal Shower and Blue & White Dress

  1. Absolutely LOVE the balloon details! 😍😍 adds so much!

    and looking very pretty in your dress, girl!

    So glad you enjoyed your bridal shower!

    ps– right after we got our vacuum from off our registry, I came home to Tim vacuuming and I sent a snap out saying now if this isn’t the sexiest thing I’ve seen all day… hahahah


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