Holiday Party Prosecco Punch

TGIF!!! It’s holiday party time and nothing says party like a delicious and adorable drink!!  I love using Pinterest to find new recipes and then tweeking them to see what new drinks I can come up with!!  I am head over heels for this prosecco punch that I have perfected!!  It is so easy to make and I think you and all your guests will love it too!! It is so light and bubbly.  Although, if you don’t love my exact recipe, I have some options for you to customize it yourself, and I have a few tips for serving your drinks the best way:)

Waterford Wine Glasses (similar cocktail glasses)  | Pitcher | Napkins | Cutting Board

Prosecco Punch Recipe

1 bottle Prosecco or  Sweet Sparkling Wine

1/2 cup Vodka

2 cups Cranberry Juice

Sliced Lemon & Lime

Garnish with Cranberries & Greenery

Optional Additions/Substitutions

Pomegranate Juice

Sliced Oranges/Clementines

Gin or White Run

I love to squeeze the lemon and limes into the pitcher for some added flavor!  Depending on your number of guests, it is so easy to double the recipe or make more if your guests love it!  You can also serve this in cocktail glasses with cute straws.  You can make it by the glass with 1/2 shot of Vodka, fill glass mostly full with Prosecco, then top it off with a dash of  Cranberry Juice (or 2 shot glasses to be exact)!  TIP: Freeze your cranberries and they will double as garnish and ice to keep the drinks cold:)

Navy Dress (same dress in black) | Shoes (Not Pictured) | Earrings (old – similar & similar) | Clutch


I hope you all are enjoying your holiday season!! I absolutely love this time of year and I am hopeful this post will help you to have the best party season!! This dress is stunning and this drink doesn’t disappoint:)

xo Sarah





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