Splurge or Save – Spring Fashion

If you have been following me awhile then you know I love a good sale and a good designer dupe.  And if you love getting things on sale as much as me then YOU’LL LOVE THIS POST!!!  I have put together some of the most adorable spring and summer fashion items and just as adorable dupes for less than half the price!!! A couple items are pictured here:)

Splurge or save purse and sunglasses

Sometimes it is worth paying a little extra to get good quality.  Shoes, just depends if they’re trendy or classic.  Swimming suits, always the save because I end up ruining them or just wanting new ones every year(LOL).  Sunglasses, splurge for classics, but save for trends.  Cover-ups always save cause…. it’s a cover-up!!  And last but not least, bags, usually ALWAYS splurge, unless it is $2,000 like this one below and you are so excited you found a good dupe and pretend like it’s the real deal (ONE DAY!!!!).  I think overall I tend to save, save, save on trendy items, and splurge on classic pieces that will last me years to come.

If you’re going on vacay to somewhere warm soon OR just craving spring/summer then I am thinking you’ll want these items asap, you just have to decide if you want to splurge or save!?!?

Splurge or Save Items and Price


Embroidered Swimming Suit | Steve Madden Gold Sandals | Vince Camuto Open Toe Booties | BaubleBar Tassel Earrings | Draper James Pink Sunglasses | White Tassel Swimsuit Cover-up | Chloe Purse


Embroidered Swimming Suit | Gold Sandals | Open Toe Booties | Sugarfix Tassel Earrings | Blush Sunglasses | White Tassel Swimsuit Cover-up | Designer Dupe Chloe Purse

The best advice I have for you when you’re shopping for designer dupes is read the comments and reviews!!!!! People are very honest about color, style, fit, and if they loved the product or not.  This is a huge help when deciding if you should just splurge for the original or save and get the dupe.  All of the dupes above have raving reviews!!  If an item is new and doesn’t have any reviews yet, I will either wait a couple weeks to see if any come up or I will purchase the item knowing it might not work out and then I will make sure I leave a review for other shoppers like me to see!!  Also, one of my all time favorite sites for inexpensive items Shein offers bonus points that you can use towards a purchase if you upload a picture of an item you pruchased and write a review!!! Such a great perk for shopping with them!!  If you have any questions let me know<3

Praying for an early spring!!  If you are looking for more spring and summer items here is a link to my Spring and Summer Favorites Page where you can shop tons of adorable everyday items:) Happy Shopping! Stay lovely, dolls!

xo Sarah

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