Tips for Getting Organized and Staying Organized

After doing some major purging and organizing this past month, I’ve been inspired to stay organized!! It has helped keep my stress level down with everything so neat and clean!!  Everything has it’s spot and my everyday items are readily available. 

I am always looking to better myself in any way, and I found getting organized is somewhere I needed to improve!!  I put together a little list of the tips and tricks for getting organized and staying organized that I have learned!!


Declutter and Simplify

The first step in getting organized is purging all the clutter!! Remove clutter on counter tops, tables, and dressers.  Either throw it away or find a place to keep it!!  A very simplified neat look throughout your home will help keep you focused and stress free.  There is a spot on our kitchen counter that collects tons of mail and other papers so I try to clean it off once a week to prevent a huge pile up!


Keep an Up to Date Calendar/Agenda

I love my Eccolo agenda (similar one here).  It helps keep my weeks organized.  I love how this specific agenda has all the days on the left side and a place for notes on the right side.  I’m a huge fan of lists!!!  I also use a different color for different things in my life.  This is a good idea for those of you with busy children, fill in their activities with a different color for each child!!

Agenda 2018


Purge Closets

I do this at least twice a year.  At the beginning of Spring and Fall.  It helps me go through my clothes for the upcoming season, purging all that I know I won’t wear or don’t need.  Then there is plenty of room for the new items I purchase for the coming seasons!!


Have a Realistic Cleaning Schedule

Put together a realistic cleaning schedule for you and your family!! Example: Monday – clean bathrooms, Tuesday – vacuum/sweep, etc.  This will keep you on top off all you need to do around the house and also split it up so you’re not overwhelmed and spending a whole day cleaning!!  Here is an example print out for you!!


Make Lists

I could not survive without lists.  Seriously, I’d forget everything I know!! Keep a note pad on the refrigerator or in your purse to brain dump when you think of things you don’t want to forget!!  I usually make a list for tasks I need to accomplish during the week and one for my day off!  I found these awesome printables that have lists for just about anything you could need:)


Keeps Important Documents Filed Together

We have a file organizer for all important documents and keep them in folders by type of document.  We also have a fire safe box for our passports, birth certificates, marriage license, etc. that is so great!!


Use Organizers and Containers for Cabinets, Closets, and Pantry

Organizers and little bins make my life sooo much easier!! I recently purchased this makeup organizer and I LOVE it.  Check out the before and after pictures of my bathroom cabinet.  With the organizer and a lot of purging, it is actually functional!!  I also use these bins in my bathroom drawers and kitchen pantry!!

I also purchased two of these shoe racks which make my side of the closet look a lot neater!!:)  I like to see all my shoes so this keeps them neat and organized but still visible!!  Here is a similar bin that I keep my flip flops in.

shoe organizer


Use Labels 

Especially in your pantry and bathrooms.  Or even if you have a walk-in closet that can be overwhelming!!  I love these chalkboard labels because you can erase and change what it says anytime!!  Here are some really adorable free printable pantry labels🙂  I also found a pantry organization post with some really great tips for you!!

Kitchen Pantry labels
bathroom labels{source}



Set Goals

Whether they’re small are large, you always need some goals!! They keep you motivated and on top of things.  I constantly have a running list of goals!! It makes it real to write them down and see them everyday!!  I also like to sit down on Sundays and look at the week ahead, set goals for the week and plan out activities, dinners, etc.

I am no expert on organization, but these are the things that are most important to me!! By removing clutter on my counters it helps remove the clutter in my mind and stay focused on the goals I set:)  Hope these tips can do the same for you!!!
Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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