4 Easy Steps to Creating a Gallery Wall

I have always loved gallery walls.  They are such a fun way to display art and add character to a room.  I actually have 4 gallery walls in my house (told ya I love them) and all but one have pictures of family, friends, and memories within them.  But, I also love art and object filled gallery walls!!  I want to share all my tips and tricks to get you started on designing and making your very own gallery wall!  Here are the steps I follow...


Brainstorm.  Where is it going to be in your home? Figure out what you want it to look like.  Big or small frames?  Neat and uniform or scattered and eclectic?  Is it along a staircase? Using a floating shelf for dimension? There is no right or wrong way, it is your wall!  Fill the space up with joyful memories and art.  Make it something you love and will enjoy looking at:)

Here are some ideas to inspire your creative juices a bit!!

{Sources #1  #2  #3  #4}


Once you decide the style and aesthetic that you want, then decide on the frames you'd like.  Do you want all the same frames or all different?  I have both styles in my home, so whose to say if one is better than the other!  It just depends what will go with the style of the room.  The best place to get unique and eclectic picture frames is HomeGoods (unfortunately, I can't link them for you).  Below are some of my favorite frames that are all very versatile and will go in any space.


Hang your frames!! YAY!  This can seem overwhelming, but just be patient!!  First lay out all the frames/objects on the floor to design your wall.  Measure the wall space that you wish to fill in, then measure out that size space on the floor to make sure you're staying within the dimensions.  I always start with one item in the center of the design, and then fill in the frames around it. In the picture below, I started with the three pictures in the middle (Our nest, boat picture, and NYC skyline).  I layed them on the floor then focused on designing the rest of the items around the middle pictures.  (I hope this is making sense:) haha)  To hang them, I start with the very top picture and measure down from the ceiling and side to side to make sure it is in the center.  It is easiest to do this with another person but if you're alone, DON'T WORRY it is totally do-able!  Once I have the center/top photo hung, I then hold up the frames up to the wall and mark with a pencil where the nail needs to go (I use small 1inch nails for most frames, this nail kit is affordable and will have everything you need).  If you are afraid to use nails, or you're renting and can't, here is a great blog tutorial on using command strips to hang the pictures!!  If your wall is uniform and organized then make sure to measure between each picture when you're hanging them to keep them equal distances apart.  ** Tip get a small level like this one for picture frames with two brackets, it will help tremendously:)  


Fill in the frames with pictures or art work.  I fill tons of my gallery walls with photos I have taken or family photos.  There are some great blogs that have free printables (here, here & here).  Or, I have used both Etsy and Minted to purchase professional art prints and photos from independent artists.  They offer all types of art, you're sure to find something you love!!   Now time to relax and enjoy your new gallery wall!!!  For any other questions or if you'd like any design help/ideas, don't hesitate to reach out via email {bubblynblooms@gmail.com}.  You can shop my home furniture and decor here!! Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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