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Since we moved into our home, nearly 2 years ago, I have been looking forward this kitchen renovation.  Our kitchen is very functional and actually large for the year  our house was built.  BUT, it is just missing the pretty clean lines and bright vibes that I love (oh, and a dishwasher lol)!!

So, THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!! I get to say good-bye to the retro red counter tops, the coral accent wall (I can’t believe I never broke down and painted it), eat in kitchen, microwave on top of the refrigerator, pantry closet, etc.  AND HELLO TO ALL OF THIS!!!!! (The caps are necessary to show you my excitement!


Kitchen Renovation Mood Board

Kitchen Collage2 numbered


Starting tomorrow (eeeeeek!!) everything will be gone!! We are getting all new, our cabinets (#4) are already ordered, our floor (#6) is already in and getting acclimated with the space, and the silver lining to the snow storm yesterday is that Matt can’t do any landscaping until the snow melts and ground thaws, so he will be able to do all the demo this week!!  The other big change is the wall between our kitchen and dinning room is coming down and we will have a peninsula with bar stools (like #13)!!  HELLO OPEN CONCEPT YAY!!


Talking about each item on the mood board…

  1. Stainless Steel Appliances – We will get all new appliances.  Currently, our microwave is on top of our refridgerator to save space on the counter tops, which makes it very difficult for me to use it.  Our new microwave will be mounted above our stove (like in #13).  We will be adding a dishwasher YAY!!!
  2. Pendant Lights – Two of these pendant lights will hang over the peninsula.  We will also be adding can lights in the room and removing the light fixture in the middle pf the ceiling to prevent a clutter of hanging lights.  (Here is another gold pendant option that I love)  We will also be installing this gold pendant over the sink.
  3. Solid Surface Counter-tops  – We have picked out solid surface or Corian counter tops, for now we think the color Ice Queen (shown above), but we are waiting to see the space open and painted to make the final decision.  After a lot of research and price estimates, we chose the Corian because it is the best price point for our kitchen budget and home.
  4. White Shaker Cabinets – I love these modern and simple cabinets.  They are seriously beautiful!!! The cabinets definitely take up the most of the budget, but that is normal and will be so worth it!!! Our cabinets now are probably original to the house and the drawers don’t even have tracks to slide in and out, soooo to say the least, we are going to appreciate these new cabinets so much!!
  5. Blue and White Pot – As you already know, I love blue and white!!!  I am going to incorporate blue and white elements into our kitchen.
  6. Hardwood Floors – We are continuing the dark hardwood floors from our living/dining room for a cohesive and flowing look.  We thought about tile flooring, but since we are creating a open concept it needed to match the dinning room.  You can read more about the hardwood in my living room remodel post!!!
  7. Riviera Backless Stools – I am sooo obsessed with these stools.  I also love the Riviera Stool with Back (in pic #13), so I am deciding which ones will look best and fit the space once the cabinets are in.
  8. Gold Cabinet Pulls – Loveeee these cabinet pulls!! They come in silver and black as well, if you like the style but not the gold!! I also want this gold faucet, but it isn’t a must have, so I’m going to wait to see how the budget is lining up towards the end of the project:)
  9. Small Wood Island – To add some dimension, I am incorporating some wood elements into the design like this wood island.  Our builder will build it for us, so after it is complete I’ll share the exact size and design with you!  This island will give us more functional counter space and will be able to move around the room!!
  10. Navy Runner – I love this navy and white rug (here’s another more affordable runner)!  I will be purchasing two runners instead of one big rug.  I want to include the navy and blue accent color into the rug and add some contrast on the dark hardwood floors.
  11. Light Grey Subway Tile – Subway tile, YAY!  I decided on light grey instead of white to add come contrast, but keeping it neutral.
  12. Wood Floating Shelves – Again adding some wood elements into the room.  We are putting these floating shelves on a plain wall that isn’t practical to add cabinets (see layout/design below).  They will add a bit of storage and fill the empty wall!!  The shelves will also be built and stained the same as the island.
  13. This picture shows a similar design as our kitchen with the new peninsula, looking in from the dinning room.  Again I love these bar stools!!  This kitchen has the same cabinets and also includes some blue and white pots!!

Here are some more inspirational pictures below.  I took elements from so many different kitchens and pictures to design the best kitchen for our home and for us!!

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Kitchen Layout & Design


I will keep you posted throughout the demo and renovations on my Instagram, so be sure to follow along!!!


Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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