Throw Pillow Guide

What better way to freshen up your home than with some new throw pillows!!  When I am feeling blah the first thing I do is change out my pillows!!!  It’s a little change, but can totally increase the happiness vibes of a room!!  I typically throw my pillows on the floor when we sit on the couch, because I feel that throw pillows are fun and pretty, not functional:)  My husband might disagree, but they just don’t get it anyways (haha).  I have put together three different styles of pillows for all types of rooms and couches (or even beds)!!

Creams and Greys

These creams are greys are really great for brightening up a dark grey or navy couch.  Or, if your furniture is all light and you’re wanting to keep it neutral and cohesive, then these are great neutral/light colored pillows.  I love the different texture on each of them.

1. Braided Accent Pillow – Nordstrom

2. Geometric Pillow – Nordstrom

3. Fringe Lumbar Pillow – Nordstrom


These blue pillows are just beautiful!!  You all know I am obsessed with blue and white and in my opinion, blue is kind of a neutral!!  I have blues in every single room and they just seem to go with everything.  So, blue pillows are always a good idea and will be a very versatile investment.  This combo of blue pillows would look amazing on a white/light color or tan leather couch to add contrast.  They would also look great with grey or blue if you’re wanting them to blend in a little bit.

1. Navy Pillow – Target

2. Two Tone Blue Pillow – Lulu and Georgia

3. Blue Lumbar Pillow – Lulu and Georgia


There is really no right or wrong when it comes to adding colorful pillows.  A couple tips are: make sure your pillows match the overall tone and color scheme of the rest of the room.  For example, if your decor and pictures are mostly neutral and pastels, then make sure your pillows are also pastels.  If your decor and pictures are bright and cheery, then use bright colors in your pillows.  Try to stay with the same color scheme as well,  if you have mostly cool colors like blues and greens, then keep your pillows blue and green and if you have mostly warm vibes like yellows, reds, oranges then keep your pillows warm colors!!  I think pink and purple can go either way, but the best way to know for sure is just trial and error.  Grab a couple new pillows and if you don’t like them, return them!   My white couch has pink, blue, and a multi color lumbar pillow (a lot like the ones I picked out for you here) and the multi color pillow ties the pink and blues together and then I have all of those colors included in my decor, as well.

1.Boho Coral Pillow – Lulu and Georgia

2. Lavender Pillow – Lulu and Georgia

3. Stripe Lumbar Pillow – Lulu and Georgia


 One more thing to remember, when you purchase pillows you get what you pay for.  Meaning, it is worth the investment to purchase nice pillows and they will most likely last you for years to come.  I have learned this from experience.  Also, purchasing nice pillow fillers (like this one) and changing out the covers is a way to save some money!! I do this with all my bed pillows and I get the covers off etsy!!  You can wash most pillow covers which will help keep them clean and also last longer.  Happy Spring and happy freshening up your pillow game:)

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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