How to Organize your Kitchen without a Pantry

When designing our new kitchen we decided that there just wasn't a good place for a pantry.  Our goal was to open up the space and gain as much countertop space as possible.  Those goals trumped having a pantry.

Our old kitchen had a pantry that was a closet with walls and a door and it was super bulky.  It wasn't just a tall cabinet, so that was definitely out when it came to demo!!  Not having a pantry for food storage I knew would be a little challenge, but who doesn't love a challenge sometimes?  I knew I could handle it I would just need to be creative and organized.

The one thing that have been a life saver are glass canisters!!  They help save space and keep it neat and clean.  The boxes that pasta, crackers, granola bars, etc. come in are so bulky and make things messy!  We still have some more organizing to do, but the little changes we have made so far are making a huge difference!!

How we organize our food cabinet:

Bottom Shelf - Snacks, grab and go type stuff.  I love these baskets for my protein bars and little miscellaneous things to keep it looking neat!! These smaller jars are perfect for crackers and snacks!!

Middle Shelf - Things I use to cook with; cans, pasta, breadcrumbs, etc.  and Matt's chips!!  I want to get clear baskets or can racks to organize the cans better, but this will do for now:)  **It's not about perfection its about progress!!!**

Top Shelf - Extra/replacement condiments, protein powder, and more snacks in the large jars!!  I love dumping a bag of pretzels or chips in these large jars, more organized and they stay fresh longer!!

On the other side of the stove, we keep all the spices and baking supplies!

Bottom Shelf - All my spices are organized (some what) for easy access when cooking!

  Middle Shelf - Olive oils, vinegars, coconut oil, brown sugar, almond flower and more baking supplies!!  The glass jars are also amazing for sugar and flour to keep them air tight!!  I have my wheat flour and white sugar in big glass jars on my floating shelves for decoration and function, plus also saves some cabinet space!!

Top Shelf - again this is extra baking supplies and miscellaneous things that I don't use often.  I actually can't reach the top shelves very easily so its best to put things up there that I don't need everyday.

Like I said earlier, we have more organizing to do, but you have to start some where!!  This seems to be working great for us and I plan to get more glass canisters and some clear cabinet organizers (like these)!!!

To learn more about these gold lid canisters head to the blog post here!! They were so easy and match our gold hardware perfectly.



You'll know where you want things when you organize your own kitchen, this is what is best for us!!  Ill keep you updated on the progress of the organization.  But, this is proof that it's ok to not have a pantry and still be organized!!  Select a designated place to keep your food and start organizing:)  Let me know if you have any questions or need suggestions!!

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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