Why I Threw My Lipsticks Away

When I was told, “the same lead that is banned from our paint is found in our lipsticks”  I was HORRIFIED.  Like WHAT?  Lead has negative effects on brain development and behavior in children, plus tons of health risks for adults is banned from our paint and gasoline, but it’s ok to hide it in cosmetics???  Uh, I think NOT!!!!  And that is why I threw my lipsticks away.  And that is also why I am SO thankful for Beautycounter.  It makes me think, what else is in my lipsticks and cosmetics that we don’t know about yet???

Beautycounter Garden Party Lipstick

Beautycounter gives us a safe option, an option that we can TRUST, so we don’t have to be exposed to harmful chemicals like lead.  Because, we deserve it!!!  You know, we inadvertently ingest lipstick while wearing it.  So, if there is lead in your lipstick, it is soaking into your lips, but also getting in your mouth and your body is being exposed.  It is not ok that the beauty industry can get away with these things.  I am here to tell you that for me it is personal, I’ve made the switch to SAFE beauty and skincare with Beautycounter and I’m here to help you make the switch!!!


Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone.  So, lipstick lovers, I’m calling on you!!!  Ditch those old lipsticks you can’t trust and switch to a SAFE option that doesn’t disappoint!!

Beautycounter Lip

Sheer Lipstick – A Beautycounter bestseller, this lightweight, creamy lipstick is perfect for day time!!  Feels closer to a chapstick than a lipstick and adds just a slight tint to your lips!!  Comes in 13 different colors.

Color Intense Lipstick – Bold, birght colors! This is your statement lip.  My favorite color is Garden Party (pictured below)  this pink is great for day time or a night out!!  There are 9 bold colors.

Lip Gloss – Shimmery gloss that is NOT sticky!!!  Available in 13 different shades.  Peony is my favorite.

Lip Conditioner – Not a lipstick girl?  Not a problem!! This lip balm is super hydrating and soft, comes in two scents!!  Can definitely be used by the men and children in your life, as well:)

Beautycounter Garden Party Lipstick

I honestly LOVE all of these lip products.  For me, there is a time and place for each of them!!  At work, at home, date night, or out with girlfriends, I use them all!!!  If you have any questions about Beautycounter or about making the clean swap to safer skin care, please reach out!! I am here to help you on our journey to a healthier you!!!

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah



More info on Heavy Metails and Lead in Cosmetics, check out this article!!

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