Kitchen Renovation Reveal

The day is finally here.  Our kitchen is finished and I get to share it all with you!!!  The project lasted over 6  weeks and while it was very difficult during the renovation, looking back it went fast and was SO worth it!!!  If you missed it, I talked about our design and ideas for our new kitchen in this blog post.

White Kitchen Remodel

Oh man, where do I even start.  Going into the renovation, I knew exactly what I wanted.  White, white, and more white.  Fresh and bright and OPEN!!!  The biggest change EVER was knocking out the wall between the kitchen and dinning room.  Now, when you’re in the kitchen, you can pretty much see every room in the house.  It makes the living space look so much bigger and the natural lighting is soo much better!!  We only have one window in the kitchen, so now light from our formal living room and family room flood into the space.  The mixture of more light and the new white cabinets/countertops make the space so inviting.

These before and after pictures just blow me away!!!  Now, keep in mind we DID have a budget and we managed to stay within it!!  The kitchen will sell your house, so we knew we wanted to invest into it, but we had to be conscious about how much we spent.  So this right here, it’s DOABLE people!!!  But, more to come on that topic later:)

Starting from the ground up…..


We renovated our living room and dinning room last fall with paint and new hardwood floors (blog post for living room remodel here), so we continued those floors into the kitchen for a beautiful, cohesive look.  We just LOVE these rich, dark floors.  It is solid bamboo from Lumber Liquidators.  Bamboo flooring is more affordable that an oak or pine because the bamboo plant grows so much faster than those others.  I love the quality of these floors, bamboo is the hardest wood you can get and wont chip if you drop something, so I highly recommend.

bamboo floors


Our cabinets are the shaker style from Carver Lumber in Peoria, IL.  This is definitely my favorite style of cabinets and they typically come in lots of colors.  I love the idea of grey or navy bottom cabinets and white top or a different color on the island cabinets.  But, for this home (not our forever home) and since it’s a smaller kitchen we just did all white.  We are so happy with the cabinets.  There is a wide range of cabinet quality and price points out there, so if you’re renovating soon be sure to shop around and get quotes from more than one place.  A lot of businesses  (Lowe’s for sure and a couple local businesses in Peoria) will actually draw up a plan and give you a price quote for FREE, so that is a good way to get design ideas and prices without commitment!!

Another design element that I LOVE is the wood around the peninsula.  This was actually our builders idea, I told him I wanted something different but still blended nicely with the design and cabinets, and this is what he came up with.  A little twist on the coastal/ship lap look and I’m obsessed!!!!


Our appliances are Stainless Steel Frigidaire from Lowe’s.  We were super lucky and started looking at a time when they had some great sales!!  Plus, we went with Frigidaire because they aren’t top of the line and most expensive, but still good quality.  Our refrigerator was on clearance and almost half off.  We also got the range and dishwasher for around 20% off.  Sales always seem to happen around holidays and the best part, you can purchase your appliances and wait to have them delivered!  That is what we did and it worked out PERFECTLY.  Lowe’s just stored them in the back and we called to set up a delivery time once we knew the kitchen was ready for them!!  A big tip (especially in a smaller kitchen) is to get a counter depth fridge.  It sets even with the cabinets (see pic below)  instead of sticking out 4 inches.  Saves room and looks so much nicer.  If you have a huge space and you’re able to put it in a corner then a normal depth fridge would be great.  Ours sits right by our walkway to the garage and we love that it is no longer bulky!!  We also did not have a dishwasher, so we added that next to the sink in our design plans and the electricians/plumber made all those additions!! It has been life changing.

Counter depth refrigerator


These countertops have my heart.  No joke, this is exactly what I envisioned.  They look like quartz, but don’t be fooled, they’re NOT!!  We shopped around for countertops and got price quotes on everything from laminate to solid surface to granite and quartz.  We ended up going with the LG Hi-Macs Solid Surface color Ice Queen and we bought it from Lowe’s.  Our sink is the same material as our countertops and it completely seamless.  We chose to keep the sink white because I personally don’t like stainless steel sinks and a white farm sink just wasn’t in our budget.   Plus, this sink was FREE, they were running a promotion at the time for this sink so we lucked out.  To let you in on a little secret… there is only one distributor of solid surface countertops in the central Illinois area and we got quotes for these exact countertops from 3 different places.  Each price quote was different despite the fact that the countertops were coming from the same company.  So, we obviously went with the lowest price quote which was from Lowe’s.  Again, they were having a huge sale on countertops!!!  SO, shopping around and getting a few different quotes pays off!!

LG-Hi Macs Ice Queen


The subway tile of my dreams!! I LOVE these white glass subway tiles.  The white isn’t as harsh as the normal ceramic subway tiles and I just love the shiny, polished look of them!!  It is the perfect balance of modern and traditional.  We ended up going with a medium grey grout **tip** using a darker grout is best in a kitchen because it doesn’t show stains!!!  And lets be honest, spills and splatters, and accidents happen in the kitchen.  The grey grout will hide all stains!

White Glass Subway Tile

Wood Shelves and Beam

The wood elements in this room tie in with with floors, but also make the room more homey and inviting.  The warm colors of the floating shelves and beam contrast with the white and grey to create a beautiful harmony.  These shelves are custom made by our builder and I am just obsessed with them.  This wall is a little awkward because its a walkway from the garage into the kitchen and the kitchen into the family room, plus the window is not centered which is just weird.  Floating shelves were the perfect thing to incorporate the wall into the rest of the room.  In a perfect world, moving the window or making it bigger would’ve been awesome, but remember…we were on a budget and I’m so happy with how the wall turned out!!  **Another secret… this beam is actually faux, its just for decoration.  Our builder also custom made this.  I wanted it to again tie into the floor and shelves.  It is such a statement when looking into the kitchen!!!

Read about my DIY Gold Canisters here


Just like the floors, we continued the same wall color from the living room/dining room into the kitchen!!  It is Sherwin Williams called Greyish.  I adore this color.  It is a true grey.  It is super light but shows enough tint for some contrast against the white trim and cabinets.  The trim is paint is a white semigloss.


All gold everything!!  I’ve always loved white and gold together!!!  These are Amerok 3in Center Cabinet Pulls in Golden Champagne have a modern design but the gold color makes them a little more traditional, which I love!!!  These were so inexpensive, under $150 for the whole kitchen.  It would be a really great update for anyone looking for a small, inexpensive change in their kitchen!!  Our Gold Delta Faucet and Gold Skin Disposal were splurges!!  But, I am SO happy we did it.  The faucet just makes such a statement, I think it wouldn’t create the same vibes without it.


Before the remodel we had just one light fixture in the middle of the kitchen and a retro pendant light above the stove, with only one window in the room we wanted more light!!  We added 4 can lights in the ceiling, 2 lights hanging down above the peninsula, and one adorable pendant light above the sink.  We continued the gold hardware in the light fixtures.  The globe lights above the peninsula are mainly glass with a little gold and are perfect for that area since it is in the middle of the room now and you can easily see through/around them.  The gold pendant above the sink makes more of a statement since that wall is pretty simple anyway!!  The light bulbs in the can lights are day light tint for a clean, bright white light.  In the other pendants we bought the more golden Edison bulbs for a low, relaxed vibe.  Our dinning room light fixture is old but here is a similar option, we also have low watt bulbs like these in the fixture.

The Demo

I talked in my Kitchen Design and Inspiration blog post about what changes we were going to make.  To recap, there was a large pantry in the corner which we completely removed to add more counter space by the stove.  I use that area so much when cooking!!  We also took out the soffit above the cabinets and the wall between the kitchen and dinning room.  We added tons of cabinets with our new design.  Since we have the large peninsula countertop space and bar stools, we no longer need a table in the kitchen and it makes the room feel SO MUCH BIGGER, I love it!!!

I was actually at work on demo day, but my lovely husband sent me lots of pictures (see below).  In hindsight, I think it was best that I wasn’t there to see all of this go down!!!  It was so shocking coming home to see the whole room torn down.  Once it was all demolished, we started with the updates right away.

The Remodel

First, the electricians came to add the new lighting and outlets! Second, the drywaller fixed and refinished the ceiling and walls, this took us into week 3.

Once the walls were finished, we painted everything!!  Ceiling, walls, and all the trim!  It is amazing what a fresh coat of white paint will do to trim. Next, the hardwood floors went down and the kitchen was ready for cabinet install!!!!  YAY!  Probably the most exciting day (after demo day)! It was finally starting to look like a kitchen again.  This was week 4.

We were also able to get our appliances delivered since a couple were needed in the cabinet install!! This was a busy and exciting week… the plumbers came to plumb the faucet and new dishwasher, our builder put up the molding and hardware on the cabinets, the accent lighting and wood shelves were hung, the wood beam was installed, and the rest of the appliances were put into place!!

This was also an anxious time in the renovation because we were so tired of eating out and so close to being finished, we couldn’t wait!!  It took awhile for the countertop company to come out and measure the space for the countertop template.  Like I said earlier, they are the only distributor in our area, so they’re extremely busy!!  Once they came to measure during week 5, we only waited another week and a half until they came to install!!!

The day our countertops were installed was a magical day, honestly.  I couldn’t wait to get home from work!!!  They were so clean and crisp and just made the room come together in perfect harmony.  About a week later, our sweet friend installed the glass subway tile backsplash for us.  It was the icing on the cake!!

This room is by far our favorite space in our home, not only because it’s new and pretty, but because we honestly spend the majority of our time here.  The new open concept is perfect for entertaining.  We spend our evenings cooking dinner, eating dinner and catching up all right here.

The best before and after pictures!!!:)


My Favorite Things

* The wood paneling around the peninsula!!!

*White white and more white

*Counter depth Refigerator

*The open feeling

*All the gold hardware

* My floating wood shelves!!!!!

What are your favorite things about this space, I’d love to know!!!  If you have any questions about our remodel or any project you may be doing, don’t hesitate to ask!! I’m always here to help!!!  Huge shout out to our parents for having us over for dinner all the time during all of this craziness!!!

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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    1. Thank you!! and good luck!! I think we were so happy to do this project because we made this kitchen exactly how we wanted it!! So always consider redoing the kitchen in your future home:) Its so fun picking everything out!!

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