26 Things for 26 Years

Today I am turning 26.  Although I still feel like I’m 20 most of the time, a lot has changed for me in a positive way while I was 25.  Plus some major life changes, like getting married and renovating our home!  I am truly happy and overwhelmed everyday with love and gratefulness.  I worked hard this past year to become positive and reach the place I’m at now, but there is no stopping.  It is an ongoing process full of life lessons, learning about yourself, and so much more!!  I want to share 26 ways, some little, some big, that I plan to continue to grow, to fill my cup up and to lift others up while doing it.

26 Things I Want to Do While I’m 26 Years Old

1. Read more books full of inspiration and success stories

2. Spend as much time with family & friends as possible

3. Call long distance friends instead of text

4. Travel as much as possible

5. Pray a lot

6. Do one thing everyday just for me

7. Run more

8. Less time spent on phone

9. Connect with other inspiring women

10. Give others more compliments

11. Go to sleep earlier

12. Continue to look at the bright side of things

13. Spread awareness for a safer beauty industry to more women and families

14. Continue to reflect on the positive aspects of every day

15. Eat more vegetables

16. Stay home on more Friday nights

17. Strive for progress not perfection

18. Smile a lot

19. Take a moment to stop and look around every once in awhile

20. Support and promote more local/small businesses

21. Work towards launching my interior design business **big dream**

22. Wear all the dresses because it is all about being comfortable and confident in your own skin

23.  Listen to more music and watch less TV

24. Get over my fear of bugs…

25. Try to keep my house plants alive

26. Spread Joy everywhere I go

Currently obsessed with this look – Dress (another similar) // Shoes // Purse (similar) // Earrings // Lipstick (color: Rose)

Hope you guys have a great Monday and a great week!!!  I am traveling somewhere beautiful this weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you!!!

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah



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