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Your home is all about creating a place you love and use everyday!!  It needs to be a joyful space and functional all at the same time.  Functional looks different for everyone.  Some of you have kids and toys everywhere and some of you don’t.  Some of you may have dogs or cats!!


I have been asked more than once for advice on creating a great wedding registry.  So, whether you want help with your wedding registry or just wanting to update some of your home items, this post is for you!!!

#1 Home Item – Dyson Handheld Vacuum

We literally use this Dyson handheld vacuum every. single. day.  It is so powerful and the battery lasts a long time.  We use this to clean our cars, suck up bugs/spiders, and obviously vacuum.  We also have this Dyson Vacuum that was a gift from our wedding registry.  But, we wish we would have registered for THIS ONE!!  This stick vacuum is amazing.  It is basically the handheld with a long stick attachment for hardwood, tile, or carpet.  We will get this one eventually because it is so lightweight and easy to use.  The large vacuum we have is just too bulky and heavy.  It does a great job cleaning, but I can honestly barely use it because it is so heavy to push around.  So my recommendation is the small handheld Dyson Vacuum and/or the Dyson Cord-free Stick Vacuum.


Wedding Registry Home Items


#2 Home Item – Shoe Organizers

Both Matt and I have shoe organizers in our closet.  They are life savers!!  They keep our shoes neat and tidy, instead of just throwing them all on the floor in a big pile.  I love this shelf style because it allows me to stack and stuff my shoes on the shelves, ha!!  And Matt has this cubby style organizer which works perfectly for him because he has less pairs of shoes.  I also have these under bed shoe organizers to put my off season shoes in which helps keep my closet neat.

shoe organizer


#3 Home Item – Good Pots & Pans

Our All-Clad Stainless Steel pots and pans are amazing.  They were a registry item that many people recommended to us.  We are so thankful we received them because we love them.  I am a huge fan of stainless steel and these are top of the line.  They are definitely an investment if you are purchasing these for yourself.  If you are engaged, ADD these to your registry NOW!!  We registered with Zola.com (highly recommend), which allows you to add products from different stores or add items that they offer.  The items that they offer let you make big ticket items like these pots & pans a “group gift” meaning multiple people can contribute towards them!!  This would be a great idea if you think no one would be willing to purchase them in full for you.  If you like to cook, then you definitely need these!!!

Also, if you love baking these are THE BEST bakeware! Non-stick and so easy to clean!!!!

All-Clad Pots and Pans


#4 Home Item – Wood Deck

Although this isn’t something you can buy and use immediately, it is something we love.  It is a continuation of our home.  A space we use and enjoy.  Whether you have a patio, deck, or balcony.  Outdoor space is an investment in your home so make it a place you want to be and entertain in!!  If you don’t have a cozy outdoor space and have the ability to create one, I definitely suggest doing so:)



#5 Home Item – LED Battery Lights

This is a new thing for us and were hooked.  Planning on ordering more lights soon!!  We bought the lights to use under our kitchen cabinets and are finding places all over our house where we can use them!!  So inexpensive and add such a great touch!  When we renovated our kitchen, we wanted under cabinet lighting, but when on a budget there are always things you have to cut out.  These are the perfect lights and I’m honestly thankful that we saved the money and just bought these!!




#6 Home Item – Down Duvet Insert & White Duvet Cover

I absolutely love having a white bed.  It makes changing out the pillows (and sheets) SO easy and fun!!!  It keeps the room looking bright and clean!!  The basic white also never goes out of style!!  In the winter, I use this white quilt under our duvet for warmth and in the summer just use the sheet and duvet.


#7 Home Item – Anthropologie Dish Towels and Cloth Napkins

This may seem silly but I have quickly learned that anthro has THE BEST dish towels and cloth napkins!!  You definitely pay for what you get here!  I wish we would’ve registered for more.  The dish towels are super absorbent and dry in a second, making drying pots & pans by hand easy peasy.  Not to mention they are gorgeous!!!  I love all the patterns, of course!  The napkins are also great quality and beautiful!!  I air dry all of my towels/napkins so they will last longer!!



#8 Home Item – Fabric Steamer

Oh my what a life saver this thing is!!  It works like a charm and doesn’t leave any heat or wet marks after steaming!!  If you’re still ironing or just don’t do either, you’re life will be changed by getting a steamer!!  It will work on clothing, linen, curtains, and more!!!

fabric steamer



These are just a few must haves that we use everyday and can not live without!!!  They all would be PERFECT for a wedding gift registry, as many of them were on ours last year!!  If you’re not getting married, use these on your Christmas or Birthday list coming up!!  I always save big items for gift ideas:)

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah


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