Calm & Simple Master Bedroom

Our home is full of character.  Tons of photos, art, decor, etc in every room, making our house our home that we love and enjoy.  Except our master bedroom.  We have always kept our bedroom simple, almost minimalistic.  We just love how calming the simplicity is!!  After a long day at work, it is so great walking into a neat and bright bedroom to unwind and sleep!

I always love white bedding.  I truly never goes out of style, so classic.  Here is our duvet cover and down duvet insert.  When it comes to the duvet, the down insert is where you want to invest your money.  You get what you pay for when it comes to the insert and quality will last you longer!!

In the winter, I add this quilt under our duvet comforter for more warmth!!  This quilt is literally the softest thing and I highly recommend!!  It is a little pricey so here is another great option!


Continuing on with our bed details.  When we moved in we didn’t have a lot of money for a big nice bed, we needed a good mattress more than anything.  So, we invested in a good mattress and our bed is just a generic metal frame with this super simple and affordable upholstered headboard.  The best part, I still love this headboard today!!  It is classic and neutral- two things I highly recommend.  It is a off white/cream color and I think it looks great with the white bedding.  It actually makes the white bedding stand out a little more!

I continued the simple look with the throw pillows.  Blue Euro pillows (similar) with white accent pillows and then one beautiful pillow for a pop!!!  This exact Anthropologie lumbar pillow is a couple years old but here are a few below that would be equally as stunning!!



I needed to add some warmth and texture so these bamboo shades added the perfect touch of coastal to the room!!  I paired them with white linen curtains and white curtain rods.  ALL very affordable!!!  The white linen just reminds me of a pool side cabana in the Caribbean which is exactly what I want my bedroom to feel like.

This gallery wall is my favorite.  It is full of pictures of places that Matt and I have traveled to together.  We love traveling and this is the perfect way to remember how blessed we are to be able to see take trips to new places.  Also reminds us that we need to go to work everyday so we can afford those trips ha:)  These frames are very affordable and the picture is size 8×10!!

I also adore this sweet sign which was a wedding gift.  It says a portion of lyrics from the song “Die a happy Man” by Thomas Rhett.  That was our first dance song, so this gift was so thoughtful and sweet!!!


Last, our furniture.  Surprise, surprise- is also super simple and white!!!  There is kind of a theme here;)  Our closet is actually very large (and I use the guest room closet too ha)  so all we need is a small dresser for the things that can’t be hung!  I love the clean, modern lines of the dresser and our night stands.  These nightstands are old from Target, but I have found a couple similar ones for you!!  We are always reading in bed so I just recently added the little baskets (wire / seagrass) under our nightstands.  I felt like my books were always piling up and this helps keep it neat.

We really try to not bring work or stress to bed at the end of the day.  We have a tv in our room (honestly because we already had it when we moved in) but we rarely watch it, only if there is a sports game on late that we want to see!!  We try to put our phones down and read/reflect at the end of the day.  I am a huge believer that it helps us shut down and get a good nights rest!

My project for you is to go and de-clutter your bedroom and unplug from your phone, email, work, etc when you go to bed at the end of the day.  You’ll thank me later:)

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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