Colorful Christmas Tablescape

In my mind, Christmas is all about Christ and  home and gathering together with family and those most important to us.  This togetherness is always set around food and a table.  Since having my own home, I always try to make our table really special (and practical) to create a warm inviting space for everyone to gather around.  

This year I was inspired by a few pictures and ideas I saw, but mostly I wanted to do something with non-traditional Christmas colors.  There are so many red, green, gold, white things out there and I was feeling rebellious.  Although I love Christmas colors- I love COLORS in general.  I fill my home and Christmas tree with colorful decor why shouldn't my table be the same!!  It really signifies me and what I love.  That is exactly what your home should do.  So, I am SO excited to share my Christmas table with you and hopefully spark some inspiration for you to create and fun space to entertain this Christmas in!!!

Colorful Christmas Tablescape

There are many ways you could take this decor if you're looking for a theme, just think... sugar plums, candy land, girls night, young and flirty, etc.  I just mainly love it because its a great focal point with the bold colors and again, I just love color!!!

Since I have a lot of pinks in the joining living room, it was easy for me to incorporate this tablescape into the rest of my home decor.  If you don't have a lot of color in your joining rooms or this doesn't go with any decor you have throughout you home then I suggest doing something different and go with some bold colors this year OR use this exact same concept but change the colorful ball ornaments to silver, gold, and white!!  This idea can be changed up to make it express your personal style:)

Steps to Creating This Tablescape

First, I put down a simple with table runner and the greenery.  You can use any type of greenery, real or fake- mine is real!  I would just recommend NOT using a garland because they are pretty thick and wont give you the same look.  You want it flat with a few pieces sticking up throughout the ornaments.

Second, I have 6 candle votives that I spaced evenly across the table.  If your table is longer, add more votives in sets of two.  I used 3 different colored ornaments and different sizes- pink, turquoise, and green.  Some are shiny, sparkly, and dull so I just scattered them throughout the table.  Making sure there is enough variation with each color and texture.  In the middle, I tried staking them on the greenery and other ornaments for some height and dimension.

I absolutely love these colored glass candle votives.  They look vintage and expensive, but under $5 for each!!  They come in pink, green, blue, and red.  I always incorporate candles (or twinkle lights) in my tablescapes for some romantic lighting!!  Even for our Christmas Eve brunch I light them and it just makes it so festive and special.  I added simple glass candle votives throughout also for a little more light.

Third, set the table!!!  I chose these round blue placemats that I already had (here is a similar placemat) because they matched perfectly!!!  I am a huge fan of a round placemat or charger instead of rectangle.  It looks nicer to me, not sure why honestly.  Haha, I've just always preferred round.  But, if you have something already that will go with the style, USE IT!!  I always like the challenge of using what I have to create different style instead of buying all new.

These white plates are our everyday plates and I love how they also can be pretty and nice enough for a special meal.  Again, use what you have!!!  But, if you're looking for good quality dishes, these are AMAZING!  Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.  I picked them because they are white, so I'll never get tired of them and I love the shape and little dot detail, making them more interesting than just plain white dishes.

Also- I LOVE these Waterford Crystal water glasses.  I also have the wine and champagne glasses.  They are stunning and AFFORDABLE- extra 20% off right now.  I highly recommend for dinner parties and special events.  They just add so much charm!!!

I kept it simple with a white cloth napkin.  I went back and forth about getting a fun bold color napkins but nothing matched perfectly and when it doubt- go with white!!!  I added a little piece of greenry, candy cane and ribbon for a pop of color.  The candy cane continued my thought of sugar plums and candyland, so it was perfect!!!  My greenery is real, I just picked up a bunch of it at the grocery store.  There is fake greenery sprigs you can purchase if you don't want real!!

Last, ENJOY IT!!  Invite family, friends, neighbors, coworkers over and have fun!!!  This time of year is supposed to be fun and we often get lost in the hustle and bustle of being so busy.  Take time to relax and enjoy yourself and the time spent with others!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!  So grateful for all of my followers and that you allow me into your home to inspire you.  I am so happy I can help you make it a special place that you love.

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Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah


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