5 Tips for Making Your Home Cozy

Does anyone else hate taking down Christmas decorations??  I makes me so sad!  There is so much joy and hype while putting it all up in November and then when you take it all down you realize it is all over.  Christmas decor just instantly make a home so cozy so sometimes when we take it all down I feel like my home is so dull and sad.  So, this year I am focusing on keeping the coziness alive throughout the winter!!  Sharing the best tips for you to do this too!!!:)


1. Add live (or fuax) plants!!  All the garland and trees are so beautiful during the holidays.  So, replace those holidays greens with something else green!!  It is so easy to pick up a bundle of greens at the store and place them in a large vase.  I personally love plants and planters!!  I do have a few faux plants throughout my home, but my goal is always to have at least one live plant in every room.  If you don't have a green thumb, not to worry there are plenty of low maintenance plants out there for you!!!  This philodendron is my favorite, easy plant that will grow large if you give it lots of sun and a little water!!  The snake plant (or mother-in-laws tongue) and the ZZ plant is also adorable and super easy to care for, needing low light!!  I purchase most of my plants at a local hardware store but sometimes in the winter they are sparse, so I like to order online from The Sill.  They have affordable plants that ship right to your door!!  I love that they have info and tips in each plant care.  If you're looking for faux plants- here is a pretty planted fern and a fiddle leaf fig tree!!!


2. Cozy pillows and blankets- keep those heavy throws and festive pillows out!!  Red, green, plaid, buffalo check; all those things can stay out all winter as long as they don't say Merry Christmas all over it!!!  Those cozy pillows and blankets will keep your home looking warm and inviting!

3. Add pictures- if you feel like your surfaces are looking bare add more pictures!!  Print off pictures from the holidays with your family or special moments in the last year.  Frames are so affordable!  I love displaying pictures all over my home, its the perfect way to personalize any space!!!

4. Add a splash of color!  Who says winter has to be dark and dreary???  I love color and I have bright beautiful colors up all year!  There are so many sales this time of year, so keep your eye out for vases, picture frames, trays, coffee table books, baskets, blankets, pillows, and more!  Pick up new or move things around in your home to add some color!!

5. Candles-  Candles are amazing for upping the cozy factor.  Although you need to be careful that you are getting soy candles.  (Or use an oil diffuser)!  Since we don't have a fireplace, I always light a candle at night to create a similar feeling of that cozy, warm fire.


I hope you have a great new year and enjoy making your home cozy!!  Your home should be your favorite place to be.  Somewhere you can unwind and relax!!!

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah


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