Spring and Summer Throw Pillow Ideas

I always get so many questions on my throw pillows.  I honestly have a bunch of pillow covers that I have purchased over the years and keep the same inserts out on the couch.  That is a great way to switch out pillows for the seasons or just a fresh look without breaking the bank!! 

My recipe for styling you couch or bed pillows:

1. Always have the end two on a couch or the back two on the bed match.  Consider these your grounding pillows or end caps.  They also need to be the biggest pillows.   These DO NOT have to be solid pillows, they can be anything as long as they're the same and same size/bigger!!

2. The equation to mix your pillows so that they look happy and not too cluttered:  1 solid + 1 pattern + 1 stripe = HAPPINESS

3.  Pick your color(s) ( I am always drawn to blues and pinks so if you love my style then pick one of those colors to start with).  I alwyas mix all my colors within the pillows and room.  BUT, if this overwhelms you then don't you worry girl- pick ONE color and follow the equation.

**So here is an example couch pillow spread:  2 solid blush (end caps) + 2 printed incorporating blush and other colors + 1  striped lumbar pillow

Spring/Summer Pillow Ideas

Most of these are ON SALE right now too!!!  Click on the pillow to go purchase and find the discount codes there:)

Solid Pillows

Patterned Pillows

Striped Pillows


My example is just an idea, but you can make it your own!!  Try doing your patterned pillows on the ends for a bold look then a solid and striped in the middle.  If you have a sectional you can add another solid that is in your patterned pillow or add another pattern for fun:)  The most important thing is to have fun and LOVE your home!!  You want to do what you feel is the best look for your space.

As always, comment or reach out on Instagram/email with any design questions!!  I am always happy to help!!

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah



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