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Recently I have been on the organizing kick, like almost everyone else right now HA, and I am feeling hopeful and excited!!  Inspired by Marie Kondo and more recently the amazing girls from The Home Edit.  If you do not have their book, you need to grab it asap!!!   I will be referencing a few of their rules as I make over my kitchen.

I am so happy to be partnering with mDesign and bring you my fresh organized kitchen, a company full of solutions to organize your space!!  I have been waiting to tackle the kitchen only because I knew it would be the toughest room.  We do not have a proper pantry, so I am going to be creative and make it work.  I know a lot of people, like us, do not have a huge pantry and I'm excited to share some ideas with you!!!

Steps to Organizing

Rules from The Home Edit book can be found in more detail on pages 25 & 215- apply rules to any room

  1. Measure Your Space - plan out what size containers you need.  Do you want to keep everything in the packaging or empty it into jars?  Do you have a lot of space for larger baskets?  Or do you need to maximize every inch and clear smaller bins will be better?  Order bins that you feel will be correct for your space.

2.  Take Everything Out - for my kitchen, I will empty the entire fridge, pantry and lazy susan to start.  You need to see what all you have before you organize.

3.  Go Through Items and Create General Groupings - for example fruits, veggies, snacks, breakfast, etc.  Start with general groupings then become more specific when you have a lot of certain items.

4.  Pare Down - start finalizing the groupings, throw out anything you don't use, need or has expired.

5. Begin Placing in Containers and Back Into Pantry/Refrigerator - This is where you have to get a little creative and do NOT get discouraged or stop.  If you need to order a few more bins once you get going then that is totally fine!  And if you have too many bins after your finished, then use them elsewhere in your home or return them:)

This is just the basics!!  So like I said, grab the book because it has so much info on creating an organized space and maintaining it!!

mDesign Organizing Products

mDesign is an awesome company with a large variety of  items to get your home organized!!  I personally love the clear bins for kitchen and bathroom!!  They also have great fabric containers for closets and dressers.  Below are all the products I have in my kitchen and a few more that I think you will like!!


Hope this brings you tons of help and inspo!!  Always reach out with any questions<3

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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