Light and Airy Curtains

I have fallen in love with our new curtains in our family room.  They are light and airy and make the room feel so cozy!!I originally picked out really pretty blue black out curtains and although they were beautiful and great quality, they just didn't feel right to me.  They were too heavy and dark looking (if that makes sense).  So I returned them and decided to try these almost sheer white and blue curtains.  They were a PERFECT fit.  Totally in love and just wanted to spread the light and airy feels, just in time for summer.

Curtains are a easy and inexpensive way to change or update a room!!  They transformed our family room in the best way!!!

I have put together a great list of curtains for you, light and airy feels, perfect for summer!!!  They all have different price points so there is definitely something for you here!!  You can find my curtains here - they are on sale for only $24 a panel right now!!!

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These curtains will make your home feel more cozy and also let the natural light in.  The best of both worlds!!!  Hope you enjoy and find this helpful!

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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