Holiday Party Prosecco Punch

TGIF!!! It’s holiday party time and nothing says party like a delicious and adorable drink!!  I love using Pinterest to find new recipes and then tweeking them to see what new drinks I can come up with!!  I am head over heels for this prosecco punch that I have perfected!!  It is so easy to make and I think you and all your guests will love it too!! It is so light and bubbly.  Continue reading “Holiday Party Prosecco Punch”

Friday Favorites – Fall Soups

I love a good soup in the fall and winter! I use my crockpots so much to cook, especially during the week, and soups are so easy in the crockpot!! So many of you wanted to the recipe for the lasagna soup I made last weekend so I decided to share a couple other soups that I make all the time! The lasagna soup is probably my new favorite though!!:) Continue reading “Friday Favorites – Fall Soups”

My First Whole30

For those of you that have not heard of Whole30, here is a little background.  Whole30 is a 30 day program challenging you to eat only clean, whole foods to achieve total health.  The program’s basic guidelines are eat meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and natural fats.  So, the main things I had to cut out where dairy, sugar, legumes, alcohol and grains/pasta.   Whole30 has a book that I read prior to beginning my 30 days and it outlines every single detail about the program and why the rules are set the way they are.  There are tons of recipes in the book (and a separate cookbook) to help give you ideas and get you started with the program! This was amazingly helpful for me to stay committed to Whole30!! There is also sooo much awesome info on their website and lots of recipes and ideas on pinterest!!! Definitely check out the website if you think this is something you’re interested it.  Make sure to read everything before trying Whole30 to truly understand the why behind it all. Continue reading “My First Whole30”

Currently Obsessing Over Palm Prints

I am in love with this palm print trend.  It can stay for good as far as I am concerned.  It seems like anytime I see something with palm print on it, I am instantly attracted to it and need it!!!

Here are my recent palm print purchases and some more I am still crushing on!!

Continue reading “Currently Obsessing Over Palm Prints”