Feminine and Cozy Winter Outfit

We are in the depths of winter which can be so depressing and cold, am I right?!  Lately, ALL I want is spring, and tons of spring clothes:)  I am feeling dull with all the dark colors winter bring us and ready for the pastels, floral, dresses, and sunshine!!!  I put together this spring inspired cozy look in the meantime.  It is super warm and comfortable but yells feminine and happiness at ya!!! Continue reading “Feminine and Cozy Winter Outfit”

Living Room Remodel on a Budget


“Oh the joys of being a homeowner” is typically said after a furriness stops working on the coldest day of the year.  But today, I am excited to share what a joy it really is to own a home – to create it into something you worked so hard for!!

When we moved in almost two years ago we had a long list of projects ahead of us.  Continue reading “Living Room Remodel on a Budget”

Scenes Around the House – Christmas

Christmas is definitely my favorite time to be home and enjoy our house.  The lights, tree, decor, wrapping gifts, Christmas movies, it all just makes me so happy!!!  To get you in the spirit, as Christmas is quickly approaching, I want to show you our home this holiday season!  Maybe it will even spark some inspo for your home next year!!!  Continue reading “Scenes Around the House – Christmas”