Honeymoon Recap – San Francisco

When trying to decide where we wanted to spend our honeymoon California made the list, but we weren’t sold at first.  We contemplated all kinds of places and things to do.  We knew we didn’t want to go to the Caribbean since September is still hurricane season and wow are we glad we thought of that after this year’s weather!!! So, when it all came down to it, we decided on California.  Continue reading “Honeymoon Recap – San Francisco”

Our Wedding Day – Part 3

This is the last post from my wedding day series, last but certainly not least.  This post is all about the vendors we hired to make our day PERFECT.  And perfect it was.  Continue reading “Our Wedding Day – Part 3”

Friday Favorites – Fall Soups

I love a good soup in the fall and winter! I use my crockpots so much to cook, especially during the week, and soups are so easy in the crockpot!! So many of you wanted to the recipe for the lasagna soup I made last weekend so I decided to share a couple other soups that I make all the time! The lasagna soup is probably my new favorite though!!:) Continue reading “Friday Favorites – Fall Soups”

Hair Regimen & Loose Curls

I have been getting questions on what hair products I use on a daily bases and how I curl my hair.  My hair is the one thing that takes me the longest to style but it is my favorite!! I am glad you guys asked because I’m happy to share!! Continue reading “Hair Regimen & Loose Curls”