Currently Loving 4/4/18

I have been feeling so blue because the weather has been horrible here in the Midwest!!!  So, to keep me inspired (and hopeful) for spring I am sharing some things I am currently loving!!!  It seems like it is warming up everywhere but here (like we are supposed to get snow today...).  I am just praying that if I buy enough spring and summer goodies that mother nature will finally get a clue!!

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Olive Green Fall Dress

Fall is here!!!! Woohoo!! It has suddenly hit, I knew it would.  We returned home from our honeymoon last Thursday and I just had a feeling it would be crisp, cool, fall temps when we got back.  I love it though!!! So so excited for layers and fall colors.  This dress is sooo perfect for the transition stage Continue reading “Olive Green Fall Dress”

Cheers to 25 Years

I can not believe I turned 25 on Sunday!! Thank you all for the kind comments and birthday wishes!!! This is going to be a really big year for me and I am so excited for it!! I have always loved my birthday (YAY for July birthdays)!!! They are the best…. when I was younger, I never had school on my birthday and as I get older, I always take the day off work if it is during the week:) I just make sure I get a me day!!

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