Hair Regimen & Loose Curls

I have been getting questions on what hair products I use on a daily bases and how I curl my hair.  My hair is the one thing that takes me the longest to style but it is my favorite!! I am glad you guys asked because I’m happy to share!! I even made a few videos showing you how I curl my hair – because I just thought explaining it would be too difficult haha:)

What Products I Use

Shampoo & Conditioner

First of all, I love Monat hair products and I have been using them about 5 months now.  My hair has always been thick and healthyish but after I started dying my hair in college it has become more dry and damaged.  Monat has taken it to another level!!! Right now I use the Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner which is called the Let it Grow System.  If you have thin and/or damaged hair this will be great for you! I cut over 6 inches off my hair for my wedding and I’m ready for it to grow back:)  I previously have used the Magnify System and I loved that one as well!! If you have any questions about Monat, I talked about tons of awesome products previously, so use this link to read all about Monat!!!

Leave-in Products

I religiously use an amazing product by Monat, call Rejuvabeads.  It is a leave in cream that targets and treats broken and damaged hair strands!! It always leaves my hair so silky soft and shiny.  I use it after every wash while my hair is still wet.  At times, I will also use It’s a 10.  I also apply it to wet hair after the shower.  It is similar to a leave in conditioner, I have found that it helps so much with frizz and tangles!!  I have naturally thick and curly hair so it can be unruly at times and these two leave in products are my life savers!!

Dry Shampoo & Hair Spray

Monat has an amazing dry shampoo!! It truly feels like I just washed my hair without the white dusty look.  I’ve also had really good lucky with the Batiste dry shampoo!!  As for hairspray, I swear by Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Hairspray!!! It is the only hairspray that holds my hair and lasts all day long! Plus, it doesn’t make your hair crunchy when you use a lot!


And that is pretty much it – I don’t use a lot of products in my hair.  I try to keep it simple and healthy.  A couple other Monat products that I love but don’t use on a daily bases are: mousse & blow out cream.  The mousse is amazing when I want to leave my hair natural, especially in the summer, it holds curl and tames the friz!!  The blow out cream is great if you blow dry your hair a lot and need some heat protection!!


How I Curl My Hair

I curl my hair like I am using a wand except I use a regular curling iron.  I have had this Hot Shot Gold Series curling iron since at least college, maybe high school.  It is my all time favorite and so affordable!!  It is the only curling iron around this price point that curls my hair and it stays for a long period of time.  I tried a few different ones before landing on this one years ago.  A few of my bests friends also swear by it too, so you know it is legit:)  I use the 1-1/2in but I also have the 1in!!  Although I have a regular curling iron, I actually don’t use the clamp and I curl it like I would with a wand.  If you already have a wand, you can just take the styling ideas and try them out!!

Here are the videos demonstrating how to curl your hair…

Part one: shows you my natural hair before, how I split my hair into two sections and the process behind the actual curling.

Part two: showing you what the bottom layer looks like when finished and how I split up the top layer.

Part three: shows how I curl the pieces around my face and the final product:)


After I curl my hair, it will typically last me 2 days and sometimes 3 if I am lucky!!  The second day I just brush my hair out and touch up a few pieces around my face but leave the rest loose.  It takes me about 20-30 minutes to curl it the first time.  For all my Mommas out there, this is a effortless way to look nice when you have no time to get yourself ready – the 3rd day throw on a hat if dry shampoo isn’t helping your roots:)  If you have any other hair care questions shoot them my way!!

Thanks for stopping by!

xo Sarah



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