Santa Barbara Bachelorette Weekend

Santa Barbara and this whole weekend was a dream.  My sweet bestie, Abby, and I decided to celebrate her bachelorette weekend in Santa Barbara and I am so glad we did.  It blew our expectations away with the charm of the town, the restaurants, bars, and beach!!  It can sometimes be hard to plan a trip, that includes making dinner reservations and events for a group, when you have never been there before!!  So, I am so excited to share our trip with you and some of your favorite moments!!

Santa Barbara Weekend


 We flew into LA on Thursday around noon.  From there we headed up Highway 1 (or PCH) to Santa Barbara.  I definitely recommend this drive, it is so beautiful!!!  Once we arrived in Santa Barbara, we went to the grocery store and got settled.  We rented a big house instead of a hotel to save money and it's much more fun!!!  This house was just south of Santa Barbara and very close to the water!!  We just loved the layout of the home and knew it would be perfect for us.  Once we got there, I couldn't believe how cute it was!!!

The house is listed on VRBO (Property ID: 842480).  It is 3 bedroom, 3 full bath and sleeps 8.  Plenty of space for 8 girls and the back deck views were the best part!!!  The house is actually in Summerland, CA  and it was about a 10 minute drive into Santa Barbara!! It was less expensive to stay outside the city and honestly didn't put a damper on any of our plans!!

Thursday Night we went into Santa Barbara for dinner.  They have tons of public parking near State Street!!  State Street is the downtown area where all the shopping, restaurants and activities are!!  We ate at Finney's Crafthouse and Kitchen.  We loved it!! They have tons of beer on tap, the food was delish and it just had a cool, relaxed vibe!!  It would also be super fun for happy hour!!  After dinner we just took it easy and waited for the rest of the girls to get to the house!!


Friday was all about relaxing at the house and beach!!!  We went to lunch at an adorable spot within walking distance from our house called Summerland Beach Cafe and enjoyed lots of mimosas:)  From there, it was just a 5 minute walk to the beach!!  The beach was beautiful!!!

There are few things better than a day on the beach with your girls, spiked seltzer, and sunshine!!!

Friday Night 

After the beach, we went back to the house and got cleaned up.  We ordered some DELICIOUS pizza from Borrello's Pizza and Pastaria.  We wanted the night to seem like a typical girls sleepover.  So pizza, games, and of course gifts for the bride-to-be!!! I put together about 5 different games for the group to play.  It was sooo much fun! One of my favorite parts of the weekend.  We definitely laughed until we cried a few times!!!

One game that is definitely worth repeating was the guessing game.  Each guest brought a pair of undies for the bride.  They could be any shape or style!!  I secretively got the undies from each person and put them in a bag.  The bride had to pull them out of the bag one by one and guess who it was from.  If the bride was correct the guest had to take a drink (alcoholic haha).  If the bride was wrong, she had to drink!!  The best way to make this hilarious is to BE CREATIVE!!!

These plastic rings are super fun to play tons of different games with!!!  For our game, I hid all the rings in our house.  I told the girls that I hid them while we were eating dinner and whoever had the most rings on their fingers when the bride was finished opening gifts won.  The big kicker was that once you found one you had to keep it on your finger, if you set it down it was free for someone else to take.  This was a BLAST!!!


We went into Santa Barbara all day Saturday.  Started with brunch at Scarlett Begonia, the food and drinks were soo good!!  I definitely recommend the french fries and bloody mary!!  After brunch, we walked down State Street!!  We stopped in a few cute shops and then went up in the County Courthouse building.  It is BEAUTIFUL and free/open to the public!  They have tons of beautiful stonework and history, plus you can go up in the clocktower which has a 360 degree view of the city!!!  SO gorgeous up there (more details on the courthouse here).

Santa Barbara is also full of winery shops and breweries that do tastings and flights.  After the courthouse we went to a couple wineries and had some wine!! Mostly rose;)  Our favorite was the Stanford!!  There is a map here of the Santa Barbara Urban Wine Trail!!  The funk zone is where most are and is a new up and coming area!!  A restaurant that was highly recommended to us was The Lark in the funk zone.  We didn't make it there but is definitely on my list if I make it back.  We just had so much fun walking around and taking in all the character of the city!!!

The tank tops we all wore are from Etsy.  ChampagneStitch designed them and they turned out exactly how we wanted!!!  So fun and cute.  Highly recommend them for any tshirts or tanks you may need!!!

Saturday Night

Our last night in Santa Barbara:(

We had dinner at a really great spot on State Street called Jane.  The food was delicious.  We all loved the sangria and I ate the Chicken & Fettuccine which was awesome!!  From there we walked down State Street and bar hopped!!!  So. Much. Fun.  The weather was perfect and the city is just beautiful.  A few of our favorite bars were: The Good Lion (awesome cocktails), O'Malley's Bar & Wildcat Lounge (dancing), and Sandbar.

Weekend Outfit Details


I hope you are able to get to Santa Barbara sometime in your life!! It is a beautiful and FUN place!!!  For more info on Santa Barbara and things to do, check out their website here!!  Off to my next adventure this weekend and will be sharing it with you, as well:)

Stay lovely, dolls

xo Sarah

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